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Technology that works for you

Financial Asset Services, Inc. values each and every business relationship. Our system provides the flexibility and customizations that have been requested by our clients for over three decades.

The FAS Workflow System is collocated in a data center that leverages an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SSAE 16 frameworks. Our data center is also 100% compliant against OCR and PCI Audit Protocols.

Exceeding the expectations of our clients has expanded the reach of the FAS Workflow system. We are fully integrated with platforms such as RealEC, Encompass, FNC, Mercury and numerous others. Our customizable tracking system identifies how we can exceed your KPIs and continuously track FAS employees’ and vendor panels’ tasks and quality assurance checks.

Our technology ensures that each order is assigned to a top-rated panel member. Each panel member is located within the market area to ensure familiarity with the market area, as required by state, federal and agency mandates. FAS’ robust ability with integration, enables your platform or our platform to receive orders, provide real-time status updates, and deliver the packaged results in your desired format.

Customizations are what differentiate FAS, our IT department works closely and promptly with our staff, clients, and vendors to quickly adjust the system when needed. Our clients continuously rave about our ability to listen to their needs and accommodate accordingly, using technology to monitor their desired outcome.

Your choice to use the Financial Asset Services, Inc. products for your REO, Appraisal, Broker Price Opinion (BPO), Property Inspections, and Title Service needs is a simple one.

Welcome to Simple…