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Vacant Property Registration

In an effort to reduce the growing problem of abandoned and neglected properties, our team is trained to understand and comply with all the variations of property registry ordinances and systems in communities across the United States. FAS maintains a database of these ordinances to help you stay informed. With our Vacant Property Registration Matrix, banks benefit greatly by having the capability of registering their properties in a timely manner to avoid any fines and/or violations.

REO Vacant Property Registration (“VPR”)
October 2012 – REO and Vacant Property Registration (VPR) that affect properties nationwide were not at the forefront of conversation until 2011. Since then, the winds have changed and the sails have brought us to a new era in REO liquidation. Regardless of the community you live in, REO properties are everywhere; most people have friends, family or neighbors that are in foreclosure.  DS News Article >